16 December 2013

Wishing you a woolly dog December...



    The land was white and freezing cold,
    the snow had come and taken hold.
    A blizzard moved in from the north,
    And told the flurries to go forth.

    A howling sound brings with it chills,
    frozen words drift through the hills.
    The trees wear coats of flurry snow,
    the land so bright, it seems to glow.

    Snowflakes drifted down from the sky,
    whipped by the wind in swirls they fly.
    A light and freezing screen they form.
    the blizzard grows into a storm.
    (Robert Patinson).

  2. What a great collection of images - I love the colours in the top one x Jane

  3. What a fantastic picture, I love them all but the first one is amazing xxx
    Thank you for your lovely comment and the offer of a wall ha ha xxxxx
    Hugs Lynn xx


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