12 April 2012


4. blue + green leaves - Sanderson block leaf fabric
5. richloom Tracy Beachcomber - http://www.fabric.com
6. red crosses - Holly Zollinger http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/464599
8. 50's wallpaper - unknown source
9. yellow crosses - Holly Zollinger http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/464644

6 April 2012

The hanged man...

the forest of unearthly delights by psion005deviantart.com

It has now been over a month since my friend found the body of the hanged man in the woods and we have still heard nothing about it in the media. Do they have that many dead bodies turning up?

After entering the woods early on the Monday morning, somewhere in there she met up with a friend walking his dog and the new puppy his family had recently acquired. They chatted, and the three dogs ran off through the trees as they carried on walking along the natural paths that intersect the woods. The man realised that only the two older dogs were returning now and then before disappearing back into the undergrowth, not the puppy, so they started calling for it, and when it didn’t come back, started looking for it.                                         
They found the puppy and the reason why he hadn’t returned. In the undergrowth was the body of a man hanging, his back was towards them, he was kneeling on the ground and around his neck was a rope that was attached to the limb of a tree. Sadly, that is how a lot of bodies have been discovered, by people out early walking their dogs.                         

Being in the medical profession she knew immediately that the man was beyond help but that they needed to contact the police immediately, and that was when they discovered that neither of them had a phone with them. It’s called ‘sods law’, the fact that she hadn’t picked up her phone and put it in her coat pocket that morning as she usually did when taking the dog for a walk.
He stayed with the body and she went in search of help. As luck would have it, the first person she came across in the woods was another friend who also didn’t have a phone on her but volunteered to go back to her own house which was nearer and phone the police, while my friend decided to wait at the entrance to guide them to the spot. When the police arrived, at the same time as two paramedics carrying an oxygen cylinder, she took them to the body where they were asked to wait until the police could question them.

It was evident later that evening as we spoke to her that she was still unnerved by the whole thing, and even though in her life she’d seen quite a few dead bodies, the circumstances surrounding this body were disquieting to say the least.
Another medical friend, a consultant who was there that evening, told us that it would have been impossible for the man to have hung himself if his knees were on the ground. She said that this wasn't the first body that had been brought into her hospital found in these circumstances and that usually the person had also been shot in the head, and that they were classed as gang related.
My friend told us that neither of them had gone around to the front of the body, that just touching him for a pulse only confirmed her immediate first impression that there was nothing they could do for him and that they’d seen enough television to know not to disturb the area, so they were unable to say if he had been shot in this case.
After giving statements they have heard nothing more from the police.  

3 April 2012

The last days of March 2012 mood board...

rununculus /  rust / pebbles by Robyn Novak Pervin / houses / paper /rununculus / square stained glass / long stained glass / violets / portrait / leaves from horticultural art on flickr          


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