10 December 2013

A mobile library...


One of my odd secret wants is that I would like a mobile library van and drive it around the country lanes delivering books to people who aren't able to get out and about, probably dropping off the odd lb of potatoes at the same time, preferably in a                                                                                                 lovely old Volkswagen Van painted in original vintage colours or maybe a little more tarted up like this...   

but these are some weird books I'd probably not be asked for... 


So, which book would I be stamping for you?


  1. 'The Intelligent Women's Guide To Radiation'.
    HeHe! Why? Because there won't be any pages in it! :).
    (ooops! Another Blog l've been thrown off of).
    I could really have a field with those books above.........
    The Titles....The Titles....!
    Let me think.....
    Thinnest books in the world....
    Italian book of war heroes....
    Jewish book of gifts....
    Irish book of knowledge....
    And, the rest are to rude....!!! :>).

    And, seeing the VW Bus up there....
    Certainly brought back memories, me and my girls,
    travelled in one on tour in Germany, back in the late
    60's, for 20mnths. They are brilliant, go on forever....!

    Naked On Rollers~Skates......Oh! Dear!
    I need a lie down.....! :>))))))

  2. Most of them, just out of curiosity LOL!

  3. one of my Pet Wants is be NOT to be stuck behind you as you trundle the bookmobile around the country lanes. . .!! xx

    1. No potatoes for you then young lady! could be worse, could be a caravan or tractor. x

  4. My Mr had your dream job once, nightmare going round bends.... How to Disappear, please. xx

  5. How To Avoid Everything as a joint joke Christmas present for all my sons & Mr N please. (It's a joke because they don't need to learn how, of course.)
    I'd like How to Psycho-Analyze Your Neighbors but I don't really need to learn how to do that either...

  6. I'd like 'A Comprehensive Guide to Navigating Parallel Dimensions'... invaluable! x

  7. I rather fancy "How to psycho analyse your neighbours"
    What a load of tosh te-he.
    Good job my sister does not read this blog.

  8. Sounds perfect, massive VW fan so after I finished staring at the VW gorgeousness I would request 'The Case of the Dancing Sandwiches.' with such an puzzling title how I could pick anything else!

  9. 'The first time I saw a penis'
    Etched into my memory banks and not in a good way.....


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