30 December 2014

Happy new year...

Whatever you are doing on new years eve...
I hope next year will be a happy and healthy year for all of us xxx 

23 December 2014

I wish you a very happy Christmas...

I know some of you have not had a good year,
for a few it has been a terrible year,
for a couple of you it's an anniversary you would rather forget.
For most of us, we have been very lucky if we think about it.

So here's wishing you all, a very happy Christmas... x

21 December 2014

But does it snow at the seaside?...

It's not very cold, certainly not cold enough to snow... but does it snow at the seaside anyway?
A couple of Christmases ago in the village in London I remember the man and son walking through a heavy snowstorm to the corner to buy a Christmas tree, there was something almost Dickensian about it, in fact there were a couple of fantastic white winters.

mr dog loved walking through snow in the park

and the lake would freeze

the park lodges and seats looked so pretty

the chapel and it's gates

and great fun for my son arriving home from school

As this is one of the warmest Winters (so far) it doesn't look like a white Christmas this year
but even if it does cool drastically, does it snow at the seaside where I live now?
after all we use salt to melt the snow, and living so close to the sea with all the salt in the air, I can't imagine ever being snowed in here,
lots of you live by the sea, so tell me...

11 December 2014

It's a big one...

It's a VERY BIG birthday on Thursday the 12th...
too big to have candles on a cake unless you have the fire brigade standing by.
The last decades birthday was celebrated with a 70's theme fancy dress party
but this one... well it will just be a quiet one.
The people who care about me and who I care about know though that's it's a significant birthday and have sent cards emblazoned with the number, It's getting to be a bit of an exclusive club, after all, there are a lot of people who never had the privilege to reach this age.
I don't think I look mumble years old, certainly don't act that age and probably never will
but then I do have a rather old portrait of myself in the attic...


10 December 2014

David Galchutt...


    The beautiful paintings and watercolours of David Galchutt for sale in his etsy shop - artmeister

3 December 2014

Sanctus treasury...

all items from etsy
necklace - DreamSand / stained glass - mistalbion / textile - PrivateDock / Japanese Boro - JapaneseBOROshop / hands - JudithKimberPhoto / mandala - LavishJaipur / praying angel - ArcherArtwork / wing earrings - robinhoodcouture / wing - EgressStudio / angels - annakozlowskaluc / cross - InLightImagery / window - VictoriaEnglishCharm / angelic portal - GrayMageSpiritHallow / book - ellemoss / print - RenfieldsGarden / lock - ErinBphoto


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