5 December 2013

Rachel Eardley...

A beautiful brooch of wrens made from English farthings

Rachels Jewellery is made by hand cutting intricate designs of decommissioned coins from around the world and finishing them with silver.


  1. Love this! I have 2 little wrens that nest in my garden... they are real characters...
    Wow she is is really talented, great drawings too. Cx

  2. Beautiful - wrens are one of my favourite birds!!

  3. so beautiful!
    Bruce has wrens nesting in the loft above his stable. I didn't realise that altho they're notoriously territorial, they recognise the need to keep warm come winter so forget past squabbles and all bundle in together.
    At around 4.00 each afternoon as daylight fades the most exquisite songs are sung by these little songbirds as they herald "Wren O'clock" and settle for the night. The barn is quite cavernous so the song bounces from the rafters like choirboys in a cathedral

    1. That must be absolutely lovely, as far as I know we only have one wren in the garden.

  4. Beautiful! Weren't farthings lovely little coins.

  5. Love this. It's great to see someone making such a beautiful thing from these lttle coins.

  6. My wrens nest in a draw under my potting bench in the garden. It is really funny, they fly back and forth when they think I am not looking.
    I adore that brooch. How clever.


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