26 April 2013

Felting dreams...

Oh... I so would like one of these lovely felted mice made by Johana Molina

Why? what would I do with it? who cares...
I think it's just that they make me think of my son going off to university

Oh well... I have some of her beautifully printed postcards that will have to do


25 April 2013

Dark things...

I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.
Pablo Nerudo

Entrance to the Temple Church built in the 12th century by the Knight Templars.

21 April 2013

Ribbon work...

These beautiful photographs of a vintage bag were taken by Susan Elliott

20 April 2013


photo from the book 'Life and afterlife in Benin'

18 April 2013

Black and white...

dish - Klaus Moje
cup - Nancy Gardner
book cover - Stig Lindberg
bowl - Mudlark Pottery
paper cut - unknown
wrought iron - Louis Henri Sullivan 1893
mosaic - unknown
script - Jane Farr
painting - Yayoi Kusama
Soviet fabric - 20's 30's
fingerprint - Tenka Gammelgaard
embroidered letters - Effie Jessop ?
vase - Sam Scott
book cover - Brandon Shaefer
urban calligraphy - Greg Papagrigoriou + Simek
straws painting - Amy Genser
painting - Johan Van Oord
jug - Sam Scott
patern - unknown
painting - Cecil Touchon
vase - Terry Hagiwara
teapot - Becky + Steve Lloyd
fabric - Josef Hoffmann Adler 1910 Wieder Werkst├Ątte
wallpaper - Anna French


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