24 February 2016

The last days of February 2016... mood board



morphine gives you weird dreams...

had I left the house 2 minutes earlier... but as I opened the front door a neighbour arrived and said she couldn't find her puppy so I offered to help look for him... I slipped on sleepers, broke my leg in 3 places and fractured the ankle, the puppy?... she found him in a bedroom.

  you meet your destiny on the road you take to avoid it - Carl Jung







 thank you for the beautiful flowers from friends...





and suddenly he landed on something soft and frail he looked around, upset satisfied plumes smooth and thought, here I'll stay a while
Have to keep my etsy shop closed as I can't get to the post office, in fact I'm not going anywhere for the next 2 months so... plenty of time to knit


nurse - / lyrics - the new york dolls / circles of light photo - willemien_de_villiers instagram / shadowy figures - panandthedream instagram / ankle drawing - george dawnay / wood - efkapunkt instagram / red and black textile photo - jiyoung chung flickr / stitched face - effie jessop / scrim photo - theresa thompson flickr / film - the cabinet of dr caligari / 13cceladon glazed tea bowl repaired with staples - unknown / repaired damaged pottery with gold (kintsugi) - unknown / girl on a chair 1899 - stanislaw wyspianski / proverb - unknown / wood - unknown / stone photo - la_walsh instagram / boy in box kinetic art - tom hanay / stitched pieces - anca gray / fabric - prophet_of_bloom instagram india flint / peony photo - foscomontanari instagram / tulips photo - janegray stone instagram / peony photo - suertj instagram / window photo - dpbiljan instagram / sky photo - mystic-lady.tumbir.com / robin - unknown / saying - unknown / robin gif - unknown / girl and robin drawing - kaatje vermeire /   


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