18 December 2013

Still shopping?...

       why?... when you could be out carol singing
                    sewing                                                                        learning a new language                                         
reading a good book                                                       or magazine

                        knitting                                                                                           or decorating the tree

after all... you've posted your Christmas cards                                                       and baked your cake

so... go and get your hair done                     and have a night out

shopping painting - Susan Mitchell / boys - unknown / sewing illustration - Jane Allen Boyer / I love Lucy photo - google / girl on ladder illustration - unknown / painting of girl reading - Harold Knight 1932 / lady knitting - unknown / Christmas tree illustration - http://www.flickr.com/photos/taffeta/sets/72157623067646185 / post office magazine 1947 - British Postal Museum / food mixer instructions 1948 - unknown / 1960's hair salon - unknown / photobooth picture - unknown        


  1. Love this post. Made me smile and smile. Jacqui xx

  2. Love this set of photos, they look like happier times and a simple life, the kids are so cute....
    Happy Christmas to you, hope you have a nice break. Amanda

  3. Aren't those images fabulous!
    Well found... Cx

  4. ~ Ooh what a delight ful post...With Nostalgic pictures....Soo lovely! I am thinking us Mum's do 'flap' a bit over this time of year....I'm gonna have all the trimmings with out all the trappings of the season...This year! Wishing you very much the same,, my friend! Stay well and enjoy....Thank you for your kind thoughts on my post...We are all givers on here with our kindness of gesture and kindness of comments always...Love Maria x

  5. How fabulous is this montage! I love the photos of the ladies under the dryers. I was talking to a hair dresser celebrating 50 years in the business the other day, and he reminded me that ladies used to have their hair done in cubicles with a curtain around it, to maintain their privacy....how times have changed!!

  6. I love your blogg, it always makes me feel happy !
    Have a lovely christmas and heres to a smashing new year ! xxx

  7. Oh! I must say...I do love the lady knitting in the armchair!
    Oh! Yes! Must have another Google...ooops! ogle....At her! :).

    And, the lovely Lucille Ball.....Loved her to....! :>)

  8. very good! I love this post. Love the hairdressers! oh you definitely got the right attitude. Little boys singing, so funny. Bravo, Heather x

  9. You find the best pictures! Congrats on another beautiful post!x


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