28 October 2013

Yes it was windy wasn't it...

Two wooden planks blew off from a neighbours bloody loft conversion scaffolding at 6.30 this morning... husband watched one sail past the window as he was having his coffee. It landed on a metal window box crushing it, then landed on my little mini denting the roof, it bent the roof support above the windscreen, cracked the windscreen all over, then landed on the bonnet denting and scratching it. The other one is resting precariously on the window box as I write! Wouldn't mind accept I had a brand new exhaust fitted last month! ha ha.


  1. What bad luck! I do feel sorry for you. Hope you can get money from your neighbour's insurance. Before I read your post your photo made me laugh out loud. I don't know where you find them but keep up the good work! x

  2. Oh nooooo - but what about the poor old window box ;) Must have been quite a dramatic sight - we've had nothing up here in Staffordshire but a bit of blustery drizzle. Nice to meet you x Jane

  3. Oh that's not good... hope their insurance pays up swiftly... hugs Cx

    1. Thank you, unfortunately no, they are claiming it's an act of God! words cannot express what I would like God to do to them! we have to pay for it through our insurance when it's obviously negligence upon their part for not even securing the planks, oh well, no one was hurt x


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