10 October 2013

Bunny bunny bunny...




grey bunny -  healoom / jumping white bunny -  forest blue factory / big bunny - D. Wiseman / jug - babylon sisters / rabbit and flowers needlecase - hen steeth / radio bunnies - D. Wiseman / bunny bowl - D. Wiseman / long bunny - Manon Gauthier / bunny knitting pattern - little cotton rabbitsbunny brooch - Pacticia Davidson / bunny bowl - the clay studio                       grey woolen bunny - skippity hop creatures 


  1. HeHe! I do love bunny rabbits....I was gonna say 'in a casserole'..
    But, best not......! :).
    Love the photo of the rabbits face....Looks as though he's got quite
    a high 'hare-line'.
    And, the two rabbits with their 'cans' on listening to the very first iPod!
    And...A rabbit's favourite game....Hopscotch..!
    And...When a rabbit flies, it uses British Hare Lines..!
    And...After rabbits get married, they go off on Bunnymoon...!
    And...The rabbit that built his own house, because he was fed
    up with 'HOLE' thing...!
    And...The very rich rabbit, he was a millionhare...!
    And...Rabbits use hoppy discs on their computers...!
    Oh! Well...Hare to-day~~~Gone tomorrow! :>).

    1. Gordon Bennet man you don't half rabbit on... x

  2. Ho my I just Looooove all these Rabbits....


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