14 October 2013

The knitting and stitching show...

Friday was the day I went with a friend to the knitting and stitching show at Alexandra Palace. Just like last year, the beautiful creations of Mandy Pattullo were really the only works I wanted to photograph.  

Mandy was there with her husband, she is such a lovely lady and very modest about her work. Her own photos of the stand at the show can be found on her blog thread and thrift

     We went around separately, then met up for lunch half way through and discovered we'd both bought one of her pretty hand made textile cards. 

My intention of not spending too much time in the first hall failed as there were so many interesting things to see. Which was probably a good thing as by the time I got around to the big hall four hours later where you could buy all the materials, I was practically on my knees.

There was an exhibition of amazingly intricate large art works by a Canadian lady (whose name I wrote down but can't find) and it was beginning to get a bit 'The Twilight Zone' when we met up for a cup of tea and found we would have both liked to have owned the same piece... not at £3000 though!

I thought this collage of paper and fabric was especially pretty.

Neither of us was able to finish looking around the big hall, in fact we only managed about a quarter of it, but I came away with a couple of sensible things like a new cutting board, some Christmas presents and a few small pieces of fabric and lace.

The Liberty fabric was from Alice Caroline also the patchwork cushion kit, which I thought would make a lovely present. The small print fabric was from The African Fabric Shop  the lace from namolio


                                           On the free shuttle bus back to the station after, the noise on top of the bus was so loud you could hardly hear yourself speak, it was like a group of exited children after a school trip, people were knitting, crocheting and showing each other the things they'd bought.


  1. What a great day out, the fabric art looks amazing will have to take a look at this lady's work. The liberty fabric ....just want it !

  2. Mandy Patullo has created something else wonderful - her talented daughter the artist and printmaker Alice!

  3. You take great photographs. I went on the Sunday and loved it, especially the works of Jan Beany and Jean Littlejohn.

  4. Hellooo.....I'm just stopping by after a recommendation from Thriftwood. A lovely blog you have! I'm going to carry on snooping through! Have a fabulous Dunday xXx

  5. how lovely to get to visit such a lovely show. West Wales is a long way from there for the day!


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