22 November 2013

We Interrupt This Broadcast...

50 years ago today - Friday 22nd November 1963


  1. I have the American flag flying at half mast to-day!
    Me and my daughter have always had a great interest
    in the Kennedy family. I've read and watched anything that
    concerned them...His death will always be a mystery, with
    a recent retired Australian detective, coming up with, a recent
    theory that a secret service agent, shot the third shot from the
    following car, behind the president's car, and that Oswald, only
    fired twice.
    The CIA, the Secret Service Agency, and the Mafia, wanted him
    dead, And, of course they succeeded.....Together...I think!
    HeHe! (rather a naughty boy in his private life though).

    1. There are so many different conspiracy theories take your pick. x

  2. The classic question, "What were you doing?"
    Washing my hair in the kitchen sink.

  3. I always thought we were watching television, 'The Fugitive' but it was so long ago maybe that was when his brother Robert was assassinated, I must ask my mother tomorrow... (let's be honest, I was quite young) well, this sorts out the girls from the ladies doesn't it, we all now know how old some of us are!


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