9 November 2013

Saturday night...

New Gardens New York 1938, photo - Weegee 

Savoy Ballroom Harlem 1939, photo - Cornell Capa


  1. oh..... was it all easier then? simpler then? or is that just my imagination....d x

    1. Yes it was simpler, we just had to go out dancing on an evening, (we didn't need computer dating). I always thought it was a shame and a missed financial opportunity that someone never arranged something on a regular basis for my son's age group when he was 15/16, they had no where to go at that age.

  2. Nice for me to say....."Bit before my time". :).
    But Hey! Look at the dude in the suit........!
    As we used to say..."Saturday night...Is get on
    down night". Right-On.....
    Keep it funky......!!!

  3. Would have loved to see them dance.....

  4. Is that a Zoot Suit I see?
    That couple look so happy, I wonder what their lives were like in the '30's.
    I can't see "the young people of today" sitting on the floor to watch.
    If I sat like that I don't think I would be able to get up very quickly;0)

  5. The energy in that second photo is incredible - makes me want to dance around the kitchen with my arms in the air ( although I would probably a) do myself an injury or b) scare the dog) Good times x Jane


  6. I have a rather huge collection of lindy hop images - but not this one. You DO have an eye!


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