13 November 2013

The final curtain...

Yes I admit it, the tears rolled down my face


  1. I've watched David Suchet in this roll from the very beginning.....
    He, of course he was the very best...And, to think, Poirot, was
    first played by Charles Laughton in 1931.
    My most favourite episode is...'Dumb Witness'. Followed closely
    by 'A Cornish Affair'.

  2. Have recorded this and am planning to watch it tonight. Been a great series. I am sure a few tears will be evident in our house too.x

  3. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! I appreciate it very much!

    So sorry to hear the tv series has ended. We haven't seen the last episode in Holland yet, but it will not be long I think. We enjoyed watching Poirot over the years. If only for the beautiful settings and clothes!!

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  4. Just watched it, and yes I too followed him from the start. The last episode, well not what I expected at all that left me feeling very gloomy. Lovely shots of the man !

  5. Thanks for popping by the log. Chazza is short for charity shop! I watched it too and it was brilliant I loved every minute and they did it so well. I've watched it from the first episode and didn't that 25 years fly by?!xx

  6. Aww, he looked so frail, it was so sad x


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