4 August 2013


"We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, read too little, watch TV too much. We have multiplied our possessions but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often. We've learned how to make a living but not a life. We've added years to life, not life to years." - George Carlin 1937 - 2008


  1. How true....How true....! :).
    Here's a few more to be getting on with...

    We don't stop laughing because we grow old..
    We grow old because we stop laughing...!!!

    Fail to prepare..Prepare to fail...!!!

    Learn from yesterday, live for to-day,
    hope for tomorrow!!!

    Everything happens for a reason!!!

    It takes 43 muscles to frown....
    Only 17 to smile....!!!
    So, don't just sit there...SMILE!!! :>)


  2. Very apt, especially with all the horrible Twitter abuse stuff that is in the headlines at the moment. It does make me sad that people are so angry...but actually in Blogland, they tend to be very easy going, which is probably why I like it so much!

  3. Here, here to the above comments! I love my visits to you, dear woolly dog, you always set me thinking!~ big hugs Maria x

  4. Wow - how very true, though I do love a lot of talking!

  5. Such wise words, we also spend to much time on the interwebs ... I now have a corn plaster over my webcam lens ... Well I wouldn't want anyone to see me ~ Sarah x


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