21 August 2013

Treasures past...

    When I was about six, all the girls in school collected 'treasure' and the best place to keep your 'treasure' in was a chocolate box, preferably one with a picture on and a ribbon attached.
                                The 'treasure' was from broken costume jewellery,
                                                                             anything that glittered or sparkled,

  everyday we would take our 'treasure' into school... 

 how many diamonds would you have to swop in exchange for that big sapphire? 
 Highly prized were the big blue diamonds found on top a vial of perfume, my mother thinks was Blue Grass.

  Simple pleasures when children were only expected to be children... ho hum.

all beads - beadandribbon etsy / pink glass stones - BeadsHappen etsy / multi coloured stones - snapcrafty etsy / purple stones - GemMartUSA etsy


  1. Gorgeous pix. I used to love squirreling away such bits & bobs. I had several lovely old soap & perfume boxes that Great Aunts had given me. Lizzie

  2. Lovely pics. I still have a box full of useless pretties that I can't bear to part with ... all are little diamonds to me.

  3. Great photos of those beads. Glad to see that there are others with collecting issues like me!

  4. I used to collect beads from broken necklaces as a child too - we girls would sit on the doorstep & swop beads - each secretly hoping to collect the prettiest. Happy days!

  5. Love your photos! Do we ever grow out of collecting pretty bits and pieces? I certainly haven't. Those beads look really special.

  6. Those beads look really special. Do we ever grow out of collecting pretty bits and pieces? I certainly haven't. Sorting treasures reminds me of sorting my granny's button tin while grown ups were having boring conversations!


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