23 August 2013

London's street markets... 1959

The inimitable voice of Sid James takes us on a tour of London's street markets in 1959. Petticoat lane, Berwick Street, Farringdon Road and Portobello Road.  What's interesting is there's a shot of the horse racing tipster Ras Prince Monolulu who I wrote about in the post - Derby day shouting his cry; 'I've got a horse'.

youtube - Rich Henderson


  1. Fantastic! I remember those carrier bags with string handles - you couldn't put much in them before they cut into your hands (of course mine were very small & soft at the time!)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I'm sure they are still very small and soft nilly x (senior moment in above reply, went all dyslexic! and had to remove it)


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