11 December 2014

It's a big one...

It's a VERY BIG birthday on Thursday the 12th...
too big to have candles on a cake unless you have the fire brigade standing by.
The last decades birthday was celebrated with a 70's theme fancy dress party
but this one... well it will just be a quiet one.
The people who care about me and who I care about know though that's it's a significant birthday and have sent cards emblazoned with the number, It's getting to be a bit of an exclusive club, after all, there are a lot of people who never had the privilege to reach this age.
I don't think I look mumble years old, certainly don't act that age and probably never will
but then I do have a rather old portrait of myself in the attic...



  1. Wishing you a very happy and joyful birthday!
    Your 21 St is always a big mile stone x

    1. Ha Ha in my dreams... thank you very much. x

  2. My Dad always used to say to me, right up to
    the day he died...
    "Trouble with you boy, is, you've never grown up".
    I used to hate it...But, now, l consider it a complement!

    Anyway! A very, very happy Burfday! Enjoy many more
    years to come....Oh! Perhaps you'll reveal the painting in
    the next post!
    'Picture of Dorian Gray'. :>).

    1. I knew I could rely on your astuteness Willie... thank you very much. x

  3. Happy Birthday, whichever it is!
    Jacqui x

    1. Thank you Jacquie, yes you're as old as you feel.. oh dear... x

  4. You cannot possibly be as ancient as me because you will find that one of the perks of getting older is that you just don't care what people think - it sets you free to be yourself !
    Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!

    1. I am, and I know what you mean but sadly my confidence has ebbed somewhat., thank you for the wishes. x


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