19 June 2014

In this weather...

forget about the cleaning

and no matter what age you are


                                                                 pick out a costume or knit your own


                         and head for the beach...


where you can hang out with the girls


but don't forget to bring a parasol

and something to read for when you aren't sunbathing


or listening to music

make sure you look your best

because who knows who you might meet there


then we can go and have some fun on the pier


cleaning ladies - imgur.com / older swimmers - Elana Halvorson Flickr / young swimmers - Tin Trunk Flickr / 1934 swimwear catalogue - acatamongthepigeons blog / 1930's knitted swimsuits - Pamoolah Vintage etsy / girls with car - Christine Flickr / girls on beach - unknown / girls with surfboards - mademoisellebbb.blogspot / girls posing - the nifty fifties tumbir / Japanese girl - ffffound.com/ girls reading - unknown / girls sunbathing - myvintagevogue tumbir / girl with radio - unknown / Ava Gardner in yellow bikini - miss-osiria-rose tumbir / girls + boys - unknown / kissing couple - via shani mcgecko / man - drtuesdaygjohnson tumbir / on dodgems 1924 - hollyhocksandtulips tumbir / two girls - vintage-retro tumbir


  1. Smashing pics. So nice to see lots of smiles on faces whatever the age. Smiling is infectious.
    Jean x

    1. Don't the older ladies look lovely! x

  2. Ah! Finally....Your post has opened up..!:).
    Ladies in swim wear....Goodness!
    Think l need a lie down...Again! HeHe!

    And..Is that Maureen O'Hara up there in the
    yellow...Lovely Irish lass! And still with us to...93.
    Definitely need a lie down.....! :>)

    1. No Willie tis Ava Gardener x

    2. Sorry! Yes! Of course it is.....Took me a while to get
      to her face....! :).
      Still need a lie down.....HeHe!

  3. Fingers crosses for a 'beach summer'!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  4. I think ours is here already as I've been swimming in the sea for the last week, hoping your Summer arrives soon x

  5. Your pics, really made me smile. i don't know where you find them all but don't stop.
    Jacqui x

  6. Meet you by the beach huts... I'll be the one in the black and white stripy onesie! xx


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