10 June 2013

French woven Art Deco rug...


  1. This is so gorgeous! I have just come across your blog and seen so many lovely things. I have to say, seeing the photo of the lovely Margaret Rutherford made me all happy! Yes she is the ultimate Miss Marple, and my Grandma used to tell us stories about her as she was a friend. There is nothing like watching one of her films on a dark, rainy day with the fire going. A favourite (rare) moment. Take care. Chel

  2. Just found your lovely bog via 'Ted & Bunny'. I look forward to reading/seeing more. M x

  3. ~ Hello and welcome...I have popped on over from Ted and Bunny! And I must say I smiled a lot whilst visiting you! LOVE the vintage pictures down the sides....what greats, they truly were! With kindest of thoughts...Maria x

  4. Popping over from Ted &Bunny to say hello ... Sarah x


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