1 June 2013

Derby Day...

Today it's the Epsom Derby, named after it's founder the 12th Earl of Derby. The race dates back to 1780, and is still ranked the greatest flat race in the world. 

1925 - Racegoers enjoying the British weather.

King Edward VII and his son the Prince of Wales, who succeeded him as King George V at the Derby.

1950 - The queen attends the Derby.

1938 - horse racing tipster Ras Prince Monolulu whose real name was Peter Carl MacKay, sold tips at the Derby from 1920 till his death in 1965 aged 84. He would sell the name of the winning horse in a sealed envelope for 10 shillings, whispering to the punter; "If you tell anyone the horse will lose".

1913 -100 years ago today, the Suffragette Emily Davison ran out in front of King George V's horse Anmer, during the Derby in protest for women's right to vote, she died four days later in hospital from her horrific injuries. It's unclear if she intended to commit suicide at the Derby as she was carrying a return train ticket and a banner, some historians now suggest she only intended to attach the banner to the King's horse.

Horse Racing - The Derby Stakes - Epsom
The Queen and Queen mother at the Epsom Derby.

The Queen and Prince Philip at the Derby 2012.

2013 - 'Ruler of the world' winner of today's Derby.


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