6 January 2018

One Year and six days later...

It's been one year and 6 days since the last post of this blog, although anyone reading the last post... 'well it is nearly Christmas' could be forgiven for thinking this just follows on from there, but the last post was dated the 3rd of December 2016, and today it's the 6th of January 2018.
Shortly after the last post my mother was taken ill and I was with her until she died on December 30th.
It was the ending of shall we say, not exactly a good year.     
February started with my broken leg The last days of February   in March our dog died, in April I was diagnosed with skin cancer, in June our God daughter's fiancĂ© was killed, then her father, our friend, was diagnosed with cancer, and December brought my mother's death which brought responsibilities... the funeral wasn't until February... the house sale and dealing with solicitors dragged on until September.

Blogging seemed irrelevant... instagram on the other hand, with it's quick easy, post a photo and a couple of words style seemed to suit the mood of 2017 and it's easier for me, perhaps for a lot of other bloggers as well, as several blogs I'd read have stopped.
But somebody sent a message to an old post and out of interest I arrived back here today, just to have a look and was surprised to find people have been continually visiting this site. I'd known there were readers of my drivel out there (even though they didn't comment) as views came from all over the world, but having stopped posting for over a year I thought they'd have given up by now...
Is blogging dead?       


  1. Goodness Me! Not that l watch any of those so called
    soaps..of which l'd like to see banned..your last
    year sounds like a television drama..sorry to hear of
    your traumatic year..! Let's hope the start and the
    rest of 2018..will be better for you..! :).
    As the song says...'Say a Little Prayer'...!

    AND...NO! Blogging is 'NOT' dead...Do you know,
    l was amazed recently, my Blog was done for me
    back in 2008..by a friend..it's a one off, and
    l've been nagged over and over about posting on
    it..Or starting another one..!
    NO! I decided against it, period!
    But l noticed recently that 3:3 million people
    have viewed my Blog over the last 10yrs..I could'nt
    believe it...those poor little natives up the Amazon,
    sitting in the jungle with their lap~tops reading my
    Blog...Bless'em! :0).

    Hope the 'OPEN' sign will now remain..'OPEN'..and, go back
    to your lovely pictures/photos and music videos...! :).
    Oh! And..Happy New Year to one and all.....! :).

    1. Thank you for your lovely reply to my post Willie, a Happy new Year to you too. x

  2. HELLO!! I think yes blogging is a bit out dated now, mainly for all the reasons you say, social media is so quick and convenient and accessible that doing a long blog post, waiting an age for photos to down load only to think no one is going to read it any way means it is only a matter of time before it dies......but until then I will still pop in and out of other peoples lives, still (although not as regularly ) post my own posts on Blogger....why because I love the idea of recording my everyday life and being able to look back on it and in seeing how other people spend their days on this planet. So, yes I do have instagram but I will also be a blogger.....for now. xxx

  3. I am so sorry I didn't mean to send that quite so quickly! I was about to add.......Your past year sounds like an awful ordeal and I wish you a more happy, peaceful and joyful 2018!!! xxx

    1. Thank you also for your lovely reply to my post Lyn, a Happy new Year to you too. x

  4. Sorry to hear all the terrible things that has happend to you. I wish for joy and tons of happiness here in 2018. Blogging is not dead and some of us hopes that you all will keep on going on blogging. We love to see your new ideas, read about ups and downs and to get the inspiration that you bring us. Thank you for sharing and a very warm and welcome back to blogging. We will look forward to see and hear more. Many hugs from Lina

    1. Thank you so much Lina, I'm really touched that you have left such a lovely comment. Wishing you a very happy 2018 and thank you. x

  5. Im so sorry to hear about your dreadful ordeals my friend.
    Sending you a big hug.
    I don't believe that blogging is dead and its so lovely to see you here xxx

    1. At least you're still going thank goodness, you already know I'm a fan of your blog and instagram thank you for your lovely reply to my post Mrs L, a Happy new Year to you. x

  6. I found your blog just now from something I saved in pinterest...and like you, my blogging fell to the wayside for so many reasons. I've debated if I should go back to it or not...as just like you said, FB and IG seem to have taken over the world. We live in a society where our attention spans are so extremely short anymore, and being in the know immediately on FB and IG is where most people seem to live.....it's so sad. I loved blogging. I loved the blogging world. It's all changed without question. Maybe this year will bring me back, a little. I've thought maybe blogging just once a month might be the answer? Who knows...but It thought it interesting to find you today, where you've posted my same thoughts regarding blogging.

    1. Beth... how strange to find me today, these coincidences happen, you're right, instagram does fit our lives now, but sometimes you do need to expand on things or just want to write away, whether anyone is there to read it or not. It's been interesting to hear from people that they miss blogging, perhaps it will resurface for some people, we just have to remember it shouldn't be a chore, or feel guilty if there are big gaps in posts, we all have a life outside of the internet.

  7. I have you on my reading list on the side bar of my blog and I have missed your posts.
    To be honest I blog more for myself as I like a bit of story telling. I love Instagram for its quickness and community but I think I'll carry on my ramblings even if no one reads it haha
    LYnn xx

  8. Through Pinterest I found and just read your blog. My sincere condolences to you.
    I hope you keep writing and sharing more beautiful art and your personal thoughts.
    All the best wishes.


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