9 March 2016

Dress frock gown...

dress made of paper - Donna Rhae Marder

A dress (also known as a frock or a gown) is a garment consisting of a skirt with an attached bodice (or a matching bodice giving the effect of a one-piece garment).

                                          embroidered dress - 2012                                                                         paper dress - Donna Rhae Marder

I'm not really a dress / frock person, in fact I only own one... a voluminous Pre Raphaelite  green velvet number with pointed cuffs that was last worn at least ten years ago, (and I hate skirts, it must be thirty years or more since I owned one).

Sadly I fall into that category of women for whom unless a dress is A line it's out of bounds, simply because it's the unwritten law that if your hips are a certain size then it must follow your neck, shoulders and bust are bigger too, NO... actually we don't have a neck the circumference of a telegraph pole, shoulders three foot wide or breasts the size of fully inflated balloons... we just happen to have hips. There are only so many times you can subject yourself to the humiliation of trying on a dress to find that the top part has been made for a giant... the neck would fit your waist, the shoulder line is half way down your arms and the hem length needs to be 50 cm shorter, it made me scream, so I gave up years ago.

          But there are some beautiful dress creations out there, not all to be worn,                     some are pure works of art... 

     child's printed dress from Sweden 1800                                             India Flint's plant dyed fabric dress

                           hand lettering embroidered                                                                                                     1950's

                         paper dress - Louise Richardson                                                narrative dress by textile artist Harriet Popham

'she softly whispered' etching, letterpress, paper, thread - Leonie Oakes                        child's patchwork party dress 1944

dress sculpture of metal thread, glass pearls and wire - Diana Brennan                          Louise Richardson

              hand painted dress                                     vogue pre fall 2016 collection                               1920 Jeanne Lanvin gown

          tulle and paper flowers           paper dress of drawings sewn together - Erika Kuhn                           Yiquing Yin

         Yohji Yamamoto S/S 2011                                           Jeanne Lanvin 1922                                                    Winter 1988/89


                                           Jennifer Collier uses paper, bonding, waxing, trapping and stitching to create her dresses 

           Rocobarocco F/W 2013/14                         Mariano Fortuny early 20th c                                                       anin

                                    1950's                                        1920's Irish crochet lace dress                  photo dress - Louise Richardson 

                               patchwork                                                                                                eco printed on recycled bedsheets - Irit Dulman

                                                                                                              Korean Vogue


  1. What a wonderful collection of dress images. The Lanvin gown is gorgeous and in my favourite colour.
    I am the opposite ... I love dresses, especially the 50s styles which suit my shape. I love not having to think about what top or bottom to wear, it's all done for you.

    1. Aren't they beautiful... there are several there I'd love (if I could get into them... ha)

  2. What beautiful dresses!
    I'm the classic pear shape so 50's frocks are my best friends! X

    1. yes... I wore one for a fancy dress but aren't the waists small!

    2. yes... I wore one for a fancy dress but aren't the waists small!

  3. I'd love a patchwork party frock...if only I didn't have flamingo legs! xx

    1. You can always pad them out with woolly tights, but it's impossible to make them look slimmer.

  4. Well...As a mans/boys/males point of view..
    Actually! My! Point of view..The last one,
    Korean Vogue, is the best 'frock'...Love
    it..Love the whole thing..photo and all...!

    1. Do you know, I nearly added after it... ' and this one's for you willie'

  5. I agree with Willie - the pink frock is just beautiful!

  6. They're so beautiful! I paint girls in dresses but I only wear them myself once in a blue moon. Too much ironing involved for my liking. ;) xx


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