24 November 2015

I'm not saying anything...


  1. HaHa! Well.....I know nowt of the Faith Tones...They look like
    three blokes in drag! :). So, l've just had a listen to that song....
    Jesus! Yes! Jesus! I listened to five seconds...Off it came!
    Terrible...! Don't think singing like that would turn anyone to God!

    But...The Gospel Midgets....Well here it is in my hand...Soul/Funk.
    But basically Gospel...And! I love it! Other tracks....
    Can't stop serving God..Lift him up...Leave it there...Stand up...!

    Lovely post...And..Not even Sunday! :>).

    1. Oh my G*D I never thought to look and find them online to listen to, I was just struck dumb by the covers... so you actually have the gospel midgets!!!! why am I not surprised ( excuse me while I snigger or guffah) xxx

    2. Do you know what's really funny, the woman on the right is the spitting image of a neighbour we had...

    3. She looks more like a bloke than any of them....
      But...It's the hair...the hair....
      Very Dusty Springfield....!!! (Anyone who had heart...). :).

  2. The big hair - how wonderful! Why don't we wear our hair like that anymore? ;-) I wonder if they're all crazy cat ladies now. As for the Gospel Midgets, do you think the other three felt ignored?

    1. Those lovely ladies must be in their near 80's now! and how strange to name the group after only two of them.

  3. I just spent some enjoyable time looking through your blog. Great pictures, videos and art work!!

  4. Surely, the The Faith Tones were really men??!! So funny!


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