2 October 2014

Time for tea 1939...

A bed maker enjoys a cup of tea at Cambridge University
photograph - Gerti Deutsch  


  1. "I like a nice cup of tea in the morning,
    a nice cup of tea with my tea,
    and, when it's time for bed,
    there's a lot to be said,
    for a nice cup of tea...." etc..etc...
    (Earl Grey..With lemon).
    Tea Time...2014!

  2. Hi, I have just found your blog and was looking at your post about ghosts - this week I had a dream and in it was a little boy who I felt overwhelming love for ( he wasn't anyone I know or have ever seen ) and he was upset because he had hurt his hand. Ok, so now the shocker, I was half awake, and I swear I felt him hold my hand.... I cant stop thinking about it, was it a hormonal dream as Aunt Flo was visiting, or was it real contact? It has thrown me, and I am very cynical about such things....

  3. I wonder what else a bed maker did? do you think she was a type of dormitory matron, ? my imagination is now working overtime, di they not make their own beds??
    why what where when who?
    love D x


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