13 September 2014

We British have always had the ability to laugh at ourselves...

The inimitable Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett in the 'sailor gals' sketch 1971 - 1987

Our new flag ?


  1. The Two Ronnies.....What can one say....!
    Brilliant..Fantastic...Simply one of the very best...!
    Along with..Open All Hours...Porridge...Black Adder..
    There has'nt been a decent sit~com since Vicar of
    Dibley, some 10~12yrs ago...Does'nt anyone write
    any good comedy any more...Sad! Very Sad!

    Love the flag....Well! If l was Scottish, l'd certainly
    vote..YES...After all, we're ALL being run by liars,
    cheats and thieves...I'd like to get independence
    for Dorset...Let me run it as 'Dictator/Godfather'.
    HeHe! I'd put a tax on Blogging....! :>).
    Boo! Hiss! Yer money or yer wife....!

    1. Takes a hell of a lot to make me laugh! but can I recommend listening to 'cabin pressure' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cabin_Pressure_(radio_series)
      It has me laughing out loud, not on the radio at the moment but you can listen to it on youtube! x

    2. Do you know! Never heard of 'Cabin Pressure',
      until you mentioned it yesterday, on here!
      Listened to a couple last night, and a couple this
      morning...And, yes, they are funny....I see the new
      'Sherlock' is on there to. (Can't spell his name).
      You know the one...Cumber...something! :).

      Anyway! Thanks for that...Catch some more later!
      I also saw, that it's possible to download...So, might
      get that done for me!

  2. Love the two Ronnies,...fork handle anyone?!? X


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