4 August 2014


NO apologies for post gaps, hell it's hot out there!
and we've all got better things to do than sit in front of a computer - plenty of time for that come Autumn.
                         Even mr dog is enjoying himself on the beach, and swimming most days has dusted me with colour                                        so I no longer have to fear anyone phoning for the Japanese whaling ships when they think they've spotted Moby Dick

If you read my blog you'll know I'm quite private, not many photos of our house or us, except mr dog,
although being nosy myself I love to see bloggers' homes and especially their workrooms,
oh and what work rooms you all seem to have - full to bursting with fabrics, wool, pictures, vintage finds and colour!
so I thought I'd take a leaf from one of my favourite bloggers The Custards and post a few more photos than usual...

You may remember we moved from London to Dorset four months ago, and one of the perks for me was a workroom, (I've had workrooms before but not in the last house) and working on the kitchen table was not ideal...

     Anyway... having a workroom again was a chance to surround myself with inspiring things, like you I've plenty of fabric, wool, and vintage finds - but they're tidied away in wardrobes or the garage and that's the problem, they didn't seem to be making their way to my room...

you can almost hear tumble weed blowing across the empty space...


oh dear...

 'snowy' painting - still waiting to be hung on the wall

nice distracting views of my neighbour from the windows


The problem has been a slight touch of...

Not really!
(although people have walked into our kitchen and thought they'd wandered into an operating theatre by mistake) 

It's just I seem to have taken the saying
'A place for everything and everything in it's place'
a bit too much to heart, but things are gradually starting to appear...

ha ha my collection of deck chairs is coming along nicely

comfy cushions to lean back on while working and listening to radio 4 extra - the pink one came from hen

Meanwhile... I've been out exploring
and apart from the ever changing sea about a 100 yards from where we live... (spot mr dog)


calm or rough


a walk along hengistbury head


there are lots of different chines
to walk through which are lovely and cool if it's too hot to walk mr dog along the beach



this one has what at first glance looks like an abandoned bus shelter hidden away in its depths but was probably just somewhere to sit and enjoy the view


amongst the carved initials something has been written but it's almost impossible to read no matter which way I photographed it...


I can just make out... 


Another chine has a mausoleum at the top of it


So the three of us often set off looking for new things...

there are plenty of interesting places...

and we ususly stop somewhere for a bite to eat...

The difference between my initial depressed reaction at leaving London and how I feel now
reminds me of the very funny novelty song by Alan Sherman called 'hello muddah hello fadda' based on letters he received from his son complaining about the Summer camp his parents had sent him to... xxx


  1. my dear Woolly Dog - I can see that you are fitting in very nicely into your new surroundings - it does look all so beautiful. Also your new home looks wonderful - how I wish that I had touch of operating theatres about me....(Dom thinks this too.....). A friend of mine has a similar style and her home has little (if anything) 'showing' - it is very restful on the eye......if you could see my sewing room......it would make you go bug-eyed with the amount of 'stuff'. I understand that dip after leaving London - we lived there for 20 years and when we moved it took me quite a while to get my head round living somewhere else. I suddenly realised just how familiar I was with the city and how many friends I had - also (ironically) we had a big garden in London and moved out to a tiny patch. It has worked out just fine now though.

    Thank you for mentioning my blog and your kind words.

    I am very much in need of Action Pants

    Keep cool
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you so much Jenny, (your blog did a lot to keep my spirits up) Yes... you need those extra large snack sacks if you're going on a picnic... oh hush my mouth! xx

  2. oooooO! What a lovely post...Had a couple of looks,
    went downstairs, made a cup of lemon tea....Back again,
    for another look...Phew! :)
    Love your doggie...Is his name Spot then..HeHe! He looks a
    bit of a poser....(And, l should know). Making a spectacle of
    him self! :>).

    The photos are really nice to...Well it's Dorset of course.....
    God's own....! And, we have the best beaches around the
    Allan Sherman...Brilliant..! :)

    1. Thank you Willie! he's an old dog now 13 1/2 and has had to wear more than his fair share of dressing up clothes, not spot, no, but a proper dogs name which I'm keeping back for a competition, maybe the next one could be spot in memory of the children's writer of 'spot the dog' books who died not long ago, father of an old friend of mine Jane living in the US. I think you you're right, Dorset has beautiful beaches but sadly no rock pools like the more rugged coast of Cornwall. Maybe we will meet up one day, be afraid, be very afraid. xx

    2. Great place to visit for rock pools is Kimmeridge....
      Over Corfe Castle way..Wareham/Swanage....
      Purbecks...Fossils and all...You won't need a
      bucket and spade there...The whole area is really
      nice, lots of cream teas etc....Well worth a visit....!

      Meet up! Meet up! Goodness! Does that mean l need
      to have a bath...HeHe! Well, l visit Poole, some Saturdays,
      pose around the Dolphin Centre, sign a few autographs.....
      But, then..I'm here, there, and everywhere....Trying to hide,
      most of the time....Rather difficult, when your wearing pink..! :>).

    3. Thanks Willie will try those, have visited Swanage I like the NT cafe. Not been to Poole centre, not really fond of big areas whose shops look like every other town centre, we live right on the boundary of Poole and Bournemouth. One of my friends wore a very fetching pink trouser suit to our wedding and very nice he looked too!

  3. I enjoyed your photo's of the Dorset countryside. Really pretty! I can understand that you have to get used to living there, being a city girl myself. But oh, the space and beauty around you must be worth it.

    Madelief x

    1. Thank you , these are obviously no where near the beautiful photos you take but I'm working on it... have a lovely weekend. x

  4. I love Dorset, Suffolk and Derbyshire, and I'm also keen on Devon. Britain is wonderful methinks. That first pic of your doggie made me think of rich ladies in Palm Springs, even though he is not a she. I do wonder about the working of my brain sometimes :)

    Jean x

    1. I know what you mean, it's those glasses! he is a bit of an old woman as well. x

  5. Glad to see you have settled in...those rural pants suit you. xx

    1. Thank you, let's hope I last through a Winter though xx

  6. You look to be settling in very well! I could fill that workroom in a jiffy ...
    M x

  7. So glad you are settling in, what a beautiful place indeed! X


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