11 May 2014

I've been driving in my car...

I've been driving in my car, it's not quite a Jaguar
I bought it in Primrose Hill from a bloke from Brazil

I've been driving in my car, it don't look much but I've been far
I drive up to Muswell Hill, I've even been to Selsey Bill
I drove along the A45, I had her up to 58

This copper stopped me the other day, you're mistaken what could I say
The tyres were a little worn, they were O.K., I could have sworn
I like driving in my car, I'm satisfied I've got this far

all photos - getty images - Charles Hewitt 1949 / Fox Photos 1936 / Fox Photos 1937 / words by madness 


  1. Fantastic, made me smile x

  2. Very sweet. Please can the doggie drive to my house? I'm sure he's mine

    Jean x

  3. Fabulous old photographs... when children were just able to play and be... Cx

  4. Brilliant images. Brilliant song.

  5. Oh! Yes! fantastic.....Lovely...! :).
    And, if you've seen my Blog..There's
    a photo of me sitting in a very similar
    car....Although the photo is in B/W,
    the car was red....As the song says..
    "I remember it well". :>).

  6. Your photos took me right back to my childhood..... thanks for the memories.
    Jacqui xx

  7. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be. xx

  8. These photographs are very 'awwww'
    Best wishes and hope that you are settling in

  9. Ha! The perfect images to accompany this song :)

  10. ~ I'm singing away to this tune..tra la la...
    I have pictures of my brother in little vintage cars like this..Happy days....
    Great nostalgia, when kiddies played out in days long gone by..
    Hugs Maria x..

  11. That little boy in the first photo even looks a bit like Suggs! Lovely!

  12. I love all the old photos, just wanted to say thank you so much for your comment, and that I left a reply for you. My computer has broken so am trying to work out a different way to do a post, and get the photos on.. xxx

  13. superb post as usual...have to say Madness are my other halfs fave ever band...must show him this....xxxxx

  14. Fantastic! Love the wee dog in the car. Hope you are settling in well to your new home :)
    Marianne x


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