16 January 2014

The last days of December 2013... mood board

A strange month for us, a month of disorientation, not being able to settle, not knowing whether we're coming or going and all with a continuous background of rain...  



              rain... rain...


 girl with umbrella - Maria Bashkirtseff / dandylion - unknown / trees painting - Piet Mondriaan / rain photo - adoreann.tumblr /  purple crysanthemum - unknown / papier mache girlRebecka Ryberg Skött / words - thefrogandthelionfairy.tumblr / church windowpetitemichellelouise.blogspot / crochet - Sophie Digard / purple rose - unknown / trees - Ikbana jen / lavender sycamore bark photo -Asa Margrethe Hansen / print - glennisphotos etsy / painting of girl - Emilio Pettoruti / girl sitting on suitcase - browndresswithwhitedots.tumbir / writing - unknown / wool - holycrapyarnandstuff.tumblr / waves photo - Alessandro Puccinelli / coventry cathedral stained glass - unknown / trees photo - Robin Halioua / silver gilt embroidery - pillowcoversetc etsy / drawing of  big woman - Christian Rogers / bark - unknown / girl in red dress photo - BillyundHells / Ibaraki ceramics - craftslab / oranges - thisivyhouse.tumblr / gold dish - italiamedievale / girl with robin - unknown / silk threads - ravelry / diamond and ruby ring - deborahelvira / people in rain - Dennis Stock / candle - unknown / rain gif - unknown / photo of woman - Sarah Moon / gloves - artssake.tumblr / gold thread embroidery - Ehsan Khakbaz H. flickr / trees in fog - weheartit / detail of fabric from Madonna With Canon van der Paele - Jan van Eyck / clouds photograph - AnaPontesPhotography etsy / purple rug - Designers Guild / 1930's flower fabric - collection.cooperhewitt / red roses - travelingmama / Christmas tree illustration 1925 - Rie Cramer / children - unknown / linocut baubles - Printmistress888 etsy / doors - unknown / rain photo - Maximilian flickr / magazine cover 1985 - Charles Addams 


  1. As l look through the Paddington Bear curtains....
    It is ....ing it down! Why? Why? Have'nt we had enough,
    dear lord...! :).
    I used to live 200yrds from the river...Now it's down to 100yrds.
    Still...Not so far to walk tomorrow to do the washing.....HeHe!

    The above photos are lovely....Not the wet ones though..!
    I do like the one of the little girl sat on the suitcase....
    And, the little lady in the box, wearing glasses...Reminded
    me of my old Biology teacher, Miss Bowen....Who would'nt
    explain reproduction to us.....But! That's another story........!
    C'est la vie.....

    1. One I think we'd probably all like to hear Willie!

  2. Beautiful images to cheer up another wet and windy afternoon here...
    Hope the packing and moving is going well. Cx

    1. Not really, put it this way... I think we have the buyers from hell!

  3. 'It's raining....raining in my heart!'

  4. I'll bet Willie is humming that now...

    1. Goodness! Raining in my Heart.....!
      Leo Sayer...1978..!

      I am actually singing...Rainy Night in Georgia...
      The lovely Randy Crawford...1981...
      Loads of rainy songs....How about...Raindrops
      Keep Fall'in On My Head...By...Slasher Distel...1970.

      HeHe! Buy the way....I DO NOT HUM......
      I shower every DAY! :>).

    2. Oh dear... Rainy night in Georgia by Max Romeo, I believe it was banned... and not surprising either! the things we remember. I whistle, not very lady like...

  5. ~ Raining cats and dogs here..Wishing you a little lightness of well being with all the change, just know..
    Chin up!
    hugs Maria x

  6. Raining here too but your wonderful mood board has cheered me up - Sue x

  7. I think this is my favourite mood board yet - do you have a Pinterest board I can look at? And I wish I could afford a Sophie Digard scarf...

    1. I think we'd all like something by her, I'll have to put a post on about her.

  8. My first visit to your blog, via a Pinterest image. What beauty in your mood board selections and sidebar links. I am so glad to have found the woolly dog and your perspectives. Thank you. xo

  9. Miss Woolly,

    Don't you have the BEST taste in images? Am I following you on Pinterest? Hope so.

  10. Stunning collage. Lots to ponder over, thank you x


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