11 May 2012

Looking through the window...


I went for tea and cake with my friend at the weekend and while chatting I asked how work was going, she's PA to a famous composer and her employer had recently moved from a beautiful house on the Kings Road Chelsea to Royal Windsor.
The last time I'd spoken to her she hadn't been sure whether she'd wanted to travel so far each day, but they'd come to a suitable arrangement and it seemed to be working out.                                                   "The only thing is she said "the view from my office window..."
Oh dear I thought, a brick wall, the side of a garden shed? so I asked what the problem was. 
"Well..." she said "you know I was on the Kings Road before and the kind of things I could see..."         Visions of all the the Kings Road has to offer in a lunch break came to my mind as she scrabbled in a bag for her phone held it out for me to see and pressed play.
"Well this is what I see from my office window now... the changing of the guard, twice a day!" at which point we both burst into laughter.

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