3 December 2016

Well... it is nearly Christmas...


  1. I often wondered how Adele...started
    her singing career....She's not a lot
    better now...! :).

    I'm sure we all remember our Nativity
    plays at school...I was a shepherd once,
    and carried a live lamb...Bit annoyed when
    l had to give it back..! :). We had to have
    chicken for Christmas dinner....! :0).

  2. I think she came from the glory...thanks for that, just what I needed to start the day.xx

  3. Ha! Ha! Love it thank you!,,,
    Merry Christmas my friend xxx

  4. Wow! What a stunning blog! I'm not even sure how I came here as I've been meandering through so many new blogs. I'll be back though. Seasons Greetings.x


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