15 October 2015

The knitting and stitching show 2015...


Only a few things caught my eye at this years knitting and stitching show in Alexandra Palace...

the beautiful crochet work of Sophie Digard

her scarves, throws and jewellery.

A vibrant quilt by Phyllis Cullen. 

And these amazingly beautiful creations in cartridge paper by a student of textiles and surface design from Bucks uni - Sarah Tran    http://www.artsthread.com/profile/sarahtran/




  1. Lovely colours and lovely styles....Love that quilt to!
    Very 3D...Nice!

    The paper~folding or Origami, to be posh, l do love.
    Something passed from my Father as a boy, l've
    since passed on to my daughter!
    Many's the time l've sat in a pub/cafe making planes,
    ducks, mathematical puzzles and so on.....out of torn
    out pages from magazines...! Used get told off to!
    But, the ones above are way above my head...simply

    1. Glad to hear you're keeping your hands busy with something legal... x


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