3 December 2013

Giveaway time...

Hello there, it's a good time to do a giveaway as it's coming up to Christmas and I've not done one before, well I did try last year... but no body entered! but as I hadn't set up the 'leave a comment option' that might have had something to do with it duh!

I thought a couple of things to add to your stash cupboard might be a good idea, so there's some new pretty pink paisley cotton fabric; 58" / 147cm X 36" / 92cm, embroidery wool, little tulip beads, silver bells, pin badges and a selection of vintage, wooden, mother of pearl and new buttons.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post by noon Thursday 12th December GMT
(which is my birthday so I should be in a happy frame of mind) to use the random number generator thingy to pick the winner, and yes I will post abroad if that's where you live. 
Good Luck x   


  1. Don't laugh....But, l'd like to enter....My daughter would certainly
    like this....As like 'ME' She is very talented.....HeHe! :).

    So! best leave a comment then.....
    "Mary had a little lamb....So her father shot the shepherd"!

  2. Well at the moment it's all yours! It's a privilege to have you comment. I could expand on the 'Mary had a little lamb' but probably best not eh... x

  3. What a lovely giveaway - count me in please!

  4. Sorry Willie, but I would like to enter too, so that has slashed your odds in half!

  5. Thanks for the chance, I would like to enter too!

  6. Can I enter the giveaway...... would love to win this. Jacqui

  7. What a jolly prize just for Christmas...love the little red buttons. And happy birthday for the 12th....

  8. Just found your blog link through Ladybird Diaries........would love to be entered in your giveaway please......such a lovely bundlesof goodies.

  9. What a lovely selection of goodies, very generous of you. Many happy returns for next Thursday.

  10. Thank you Wooly Dog. What a fab stash for someone lucky enough to win it.
    I thought to be clever and add a comment like Willie did. But, my brain is hibernating for the Winter.
    Happy Birthday for the 12th.

  11. Oh it looks great. Love the colors. I hope you will have a happy birthday on the 12th December. Right now we have a big storm.Please enter me in your lovely give away.
    Hugs from Lina

  12. Happy Birthday for the 12th. I haven't yet put up my tree so I havent blogged about my little scotty but will soon. I seem to be rather bah hum bug about Christmas this year , may be my daughter whom returns home tomorrow mightinspire me. Lovely thought a give away. Cheers and Birthday wishes Monique xox

  13. Hi, I´m here too:)
    Hope you´re having a great December, not too stressful!
    Happy Birthday for the 12th, that is one day before "Santa Lucia" which is a really nice tradition here in Sweden, celebrated in every home, school, church etc.

    1. Thank you Becky, hope you have a lovely Christmas. xx

  14. hi, and happy birthday! i would love a chance to win your giveaway. thank you so much.


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